Best 3 dating apps for single parents

Why single parents need the best of the best apps

Single parents are quite a diverse category of online daters. It includes divorced and never married persons with kids, as well as widowers. They might be of any age, any social status, any race.

So the assortment is pretty wide, the question is whether a person is ready to get involved with a partner who’s got extra obligations and dependant family members?

Usually, the good solution is two single parents dating. They understand each other better, they have less issues with each other’s situation, and they are better motivated to help each other.

However, single parents need even more trustworthy and reliable dating apps than child-free singles, exactly due to this extra responsibility they bear. They are kind of vulnerable and need safety.

Single parents’ vulnerability isn’t well-recognized by the western society. It seems all is ok with them as long as they are provided with the alimonies and their rights protection.

dating a single parent

But the law cannot cover all emotional needs and insecurities. They only grow in conditions of selfish philosophy and criticism practiced in broad masses.

Although single parents may be interested in occasional hookups for a better relaxation, and use as trivial apps as Tinder for that, they tend to chose the platforms for long-term relationships.

Luckily, the dating market is extremely varied today, and suggests even the most unexpected directions and areas. Even the most demanding or sensitive single parents can find something suitable.


The list of single parent dating apps we recommend

Many of daters with kids make attempts to find the apps which are technically secure, battle the vulgar or abusive behaviour online, and give certain guarantees of success.

Only several dating applications respond to such high demands. Dating experts have analyzed the modern online market and gathered the most reliable platforms within this brief Top-3.

No. 3 single parent app

DateMyAge may be doubtful for someone as many single parents are only 20, 25, and 30 years old, so they aren’t in the mature singles category. But there is an explanation why it is on the list.

The apps for younger people are rarely focused on a serious search. While DateMyAge conception is growing old together with someone very special, so it suits single parents.

It used to have teach and safety issues on the beginning of its existence, but now it is considerably improved each month so one may find the quality of services nearly perfect.

many single parents

No. 2 single parent app

SingleParentLove is an easily recognizable Cupid Media platform. This dating giant is famous for its services online although not all projects are equally successful.

However, with this particular app they definitely succeeded. It’s still young so the database is only growing, but finding a serious-minded partner there isn’t problematic at all.

No. 1 single parent app

Brilic is an unexpected choice of many single parents in the USin 2019. Although even newer than a previous one from our list, it quickly developed into a big global platform.

We have to admit though that low-income or jobless single fathers are immediately weeded out by the cost of the monthly subscription. It’s good and bad at the same time.

Some men aren’t happy about this factor but western single moms find it very helpful. No one wants to take a risk with the bankrupt partner and become even more vulnerable.

But Brilic has many other advantages too: innovative features, pleasant design, intuitive interface, a vast database of Asian, Eastern European, Latin American, as well as western women.


What it takes to find a partner online?

Survival in the US is no less hard than in poorer countries. For sure, it’s so mostly because of very high prices: food, communal bills, education, entertainment, especially in big cities.

A single parent in the West experiences a double or a triple pressure. There’s no way to raise a kid in a cost-effective way, like in some European or Asian countries. The overall cost of life is high.

Since the common scheme is unavoidable, people have to work longer hours to make a living especially when having a kid. Very often, women combine two or three jobs since they are paid less.

As a consequence, time becomes extremely valuable for a single parent. Now imagine the necessity of long courtship, gaining someone’s trust gradually, competing with other pretenders.

In some way, it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. Time is money, literally. That’s why some single parents go for hookup apps just to save their time, although it’s just for one or two nights.

The majority of them prefer single parent dating apps and sites because they make it clear everyone is too busy for superfluous moves. People meet quicker and have a deal sooner.

But it isn’t only time that bothers you: we bet it’s also a financial part. Courtship consists of endless compliments and flattering, and it also consists of increased daily expenses.

apps for single parents

In this case, specialized dating platforms won’t neutralize the necessity to open one’s wallet, because a partner’s child needs the ice-cream, tickets to the cinema, and new shoes as well.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with spending extra funds on someone you care about. A person who is about to start a new family, surely realizes it cannot be a cheap project.

Otherwise, there are only two ways to avoid the money waste: dating a single parent who earns enough to cover all family needs; dating a single parent with foreign roots who is less demanding.

Both options are good for someone who cares about the economical aspect first. A person’s character also matters, but it’s better when ambitions are connected with the job and not with personal life.


How to communicate with a single parent online

There should always be a compromise between a wise time spending and elementary politeness. If you value your potential mate, chose the manner of communication carefully.

The very first thing you should pay your attention to, is the age of a person’s child. You can be brief and straightforward with a big kid’s mother, but not with a newborn’s mother.

For sure, babies’ single mothers, as well as fathers, are the most doubtful category. Where is the partner they have been with so recently? A baby is so fragile, why are they in search already?

But, life is life and a second partner may leave at the most unexpected moment, sometimes even unintentionally since the accidents happen every now and then. We can’t judge or generalize.

Single parent dating is the most humanistic kind of relationships that teaches us to accept the others as they are, compromise a lot, and empathise as much as we can.

At the same time, smart and experienced people say the correct thing, dating isn’t equal to volunteering. There should always be a healthy balance between giving and receiving.

Too many soft-hearted folks have spent a fortune on another person’s child just to eventually hear it meant nothing to them. So value yourself, but do not turn into Ebenezer Scrooge completely.

some single parents

It’s also a fair statement that only a fact of having a child or a few of them doesn’t mean a person is good, or nice, or decent, or caring, or family-oriented. Especially in a western world.

All these qualities should be detected separately, one by one, in a process of communication. Although the time is the money, do not be in hurry and do not jump into quick conclusions.

The only solution for             a single parents dating is a calm and rational discussion of each side’s needs, wishes, desires, and most of all, real possibilities.

Therefore, this kind of dating demands friendship first of all, mutual honesty, strong commitment, lots more patience, and a strong physical attraction as well.

Without one of these ingredients, it may not work, or not last too long. So work on yourself first, prepare your children second, and test your potential mate very thoroughly before you proceed.

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