Dating Women with Unplanned Pregnancies

Dating Women with Unplanned Pregnancies

Love is beautiful. It is a feeling that one cannot be denied or hidden. It makes one feel complete if it is the right person. And you feel on top of the world. Love is such a nice feeling and everyone deserves to be loved. However, dating women with unplanned pregnancy is a challenging task.
It is expedient for lovers dating to take precautionary steps to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There are several methods available to ensure that they do not only prevent STDs, STIs, and other infections but also to prevent unplanned pregnancies.
Once they sleep together, the two lovebirds must discuss the issue of unplanned pregnancies to prevent the attendant ill feelings, arguments, risks, etc. They could use contraceptives, pills, or contact their medical doctor for advice.
But when the unexpected happens, an entirely new approach should be applied to the relationship because the woman is likely to feel bad; especially if she is a career woman. Several things are at stake when unwanted pregnancy happens. 

Steps To Take When She Becomes Pregnant

1. Do not Trade Blames
First of all, the two parties should accept their fault in failing to prevent the pregnancy in the first place. The man should try as much as possible not to condemn the woman because of the psychological effects that could have on her and the unborn baby.

2. Be Positive
Babies are cute and lovely. They are a special gift. Accept that wonderful gift joyfully. Be positive about it; there is nothing bad about it, after all. Avoid any conversion that could make the woman feel bad. Do not express regrets whenever you are with her, you should have prevented it.

3. Show Her Love
Now that the woman is pregnant show her more love- she is carrying your baby. Women need to stay positive when pregnant because it has effects on their health and the baby. The fact that she is pregnant should not stop all that you used to do together, how you used to treat her, etc.

4. Encourage Her
Encourage and reassure her until she delivers. Women need to feel secure, let her know you are still there, and you will stay with her all through.

5. Be Patient
There could be occasions that her reactions would be harsh, it is not deliberate; it is a part of the effects of pregnancy. Do well to tolerate her and do not get angry if she puts you off. Always tell yourself that you are the man.