Hookup singles parents: from A to Z

Stigmas and restrictions of single parent hooking up

Hooking up a single parent is, first of all, a positive thing. Why? Because this category of singles is under heavy pressure from the side of society, and it isn’t going to change.

For single dads, it is considered non-decent to keep on having fun with casual partners instead of finding a stable woman who would be the most caring step-mother for the kids.

While for single moms things are even more complicated. They are directly called damaged goods, and the society seems to never stop judging them for having a child from a non-reliable man.

Men who date single mothers, have different fears regarding that: a fear that a child’s father is still controlling both of them; a fear that a child is never thankful no matter what to do for him.

single parent hooking up

Many other fears are involved too. Did she learn from her mistakes, or she wants babies from each man she sleeps with? Does she want me to pay for her child’s college and buy his first car?

All that is understandable since we live in a practical world. Your love towards a kid isn’t guaranteed, his love towards you neither. It seems meaningless to spend funds and energy for a little stranger.

Long talks about being noble, generous, helping others, caring about someone’s children like you would care about yours, they won’t change the real situation: lack of money or being short-minded.

Hooking up greatly improves things and keeps them in a balance. No strings attached, no mutual obligations, no even acquaintance with a kid, only enjoying intimacy. Fabulous!

The tension is neutralized in this case, single parents’ rights for a private life are restored, but their mind should be broadened, still, since respect is crucial even for casual sex affairs.


How to hookup a single mom

The stigmas we mentioned, are mostly connected with a child’s attitude and a mother’s financial expectations. None of them bother you if it’s just a short fling.

But in case you want to repeat hookups with the same person, your friend with benefits, let it be a foreign woman who relocated recently and who doesn’t have western roots: Asian or Eastern European.

They have another mentality as well as their children, they are more thankful even for little things, and a woman has much fewer demands in general. Having fun sounds great to her.

Hookup singles parents

It’s because foreign women are especially stressed to deal with everyday reality in the US and they’re happy to get some relief. If it’s accompanied with a free meal, they’re even happier!

However, if you prefer local women only, you can develop efficient strategies that’ll help you on a daily basis. Here are some of them and you can always add more to the list.

·      Make hooking up a synonym to relaxation so a tired mom will be more interested. It helps if you know how to massage shoulders, or can take her to the sauna.

·      If your business is connected with healthcare, suggest her some healing stuff or the organic production as a gift. Many modern mothers are interested in that.

·      If you practice meditation or yoga, things are even easier for you. Tell her you’re going to show her the practice that is taking all worries away.

·      If none of that is about you, do the simplest thing, ask her about her favourite kind of drink and get it for her. Alcohol in reasonable quantities brings relaxation too!


Young moms vs mature moms hookup

It’s not true that single moms don’t need hookups because they’re all focused on a serious dating. Yes, theoretically they need a lifetime partner, we all do, but there is always a hope.

For example, young single moms are still with one foot in their childhood. On a subconscious level, they feel it’s unfair to dedicate all of them to a baby only, and they want some moral reward.

That’s why it’s kind of easy to seduce them and enjoy bright moments together. They are just waiting for someone to pet them, pamper them, and entertain them, so go ahead!

They party easier as well. You can meet them anywhere no matter if you go to friends or to the nightclubs, they’re just always there. So it’s not a problem to hookup young single moms.

How to hookup a single mom

Mature moms have other leverage on them. If you understand their psychology and reasoning well, you’ll have an affair with them easily as well. They went through more things in life.

There’s more danger they will want all your potential at once, because their children need a solid basement in life. So it’s better for you to get involved only with well-provided single moms.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of them! Some are receiving support from a child’s grandparents, others have well-paid jobs or a business. Exactly these women are called cougars.

Honestly, it isn’t hard to have a good income when a person is 40 and she got a brain. So imagine, all of these super sexy cougars want a bright one-night-stand!

It’s a very interesting age, because they feel they deserve this kind of relax, they take time and have resources to take an excellent care of themselves, and they are perfect in a bed.

Not all cougars prefer young toyboys though, a vast majority of them want a same-age sex partner, at least in the US. They surely have big demands for a long run relations, but not for hookups.

A woman of this kind knows she is worthy of nice and pleasant adventures, and she chooses them with all awareness while her child is in the cinema or with his buddies.

You shouldn’t even be bothered by her situation, better give her what she needs in this particular moment: some romance and then some wild and raw sex. Bingo, both are happy!


How to make sure it’s over

Even if a single mom has agreed to hookup and nothing more, she may change her mind if she liked you too much or you were careless enough to give some promises.

So it’s always better to end it without leaving any doubts. Luckily, there are effective ways to do that. You won’t hurt anyone, just put your limits and make sure it’s over.

mature moms hookup

·      Don’t be such a good guy. Let her know from the beginning you’re a typical womanizer or a lone wolf so only one very special night is possible between you two.

·      Tell her, but not too directly, that you do not get along well with the children. It’s just not among your talents and you can’t develop any pedagogic skills.

·      It helps to say you have enough money for several cool weekends but after this, either the collector or your ex-wife will take it all. So there are no resources for a future family.

·      Don’t be afraid to drink if you like it. Not to spoil your nice intimacy, of course. But after, you can exaggerate a bit and get loud or somewhat rude. She won’t want you around her kids.

There are actually too many ways to list them all, you can pretend to be stingy, you can bring her to your buddy’s home that looks miserable, you can text other girls right after hooking up.

But it’s not obligatory to turn to an ass hole completely, just do something non-romantic after your sex, no matter how good it was. It’s usually enough for creating a healthy distance.