Online dating for mature singles

Among our compatriots raised in the atmosphere of a "high moral" state, it is customary to treat such liberties as acquaintances of elderly people online by announcements, with a slight tinge of righteous condemnation and rejection.

Sociological expert and historian Nikolai Trifonov states: "Mature singles dating for marriage or cohabitation in partnership is a way out of loneliness, and it's time to consider this the same norm as regular cleaning of teeth." Most Russian-language newspapers have categories of acquaintances with ad texts like: "I'm looking for ...", "I'm looking for a partner ...". These ads have different extensions: for joint leisure, for friendship, for marriage, for cohabitation, etc.

It is not so easy to find courage in order to publish such a text. It is necessary to say to myself: "I have the right to live long, to be useful and happy with someone." Here are some announcements, which you can find at our website

·       "I'm 70, I have an athletic body, optimistic character, I like music, I'll get acquainted with a versatile gifted woman under 60".

·       "A woman of 62 years old with good figure, will get acquainted with a coeval for cohabitation."

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·       "I'm only 65 (note: That's what self-esteem should be!). I’m young with my soul and body. I want to create a warm family nest with a man of 75 years. "

Senior dating online is not uncommon thing. Older people are not just optimistic, they have the right attitudes for the future in their years. This attitude to life is genuinely exciting! Here is a letter from a woman, who was a client of our online dating platform:

"I moved to Germany at the age of sixty. Incredible longing and terrible loneliness overwhelmed me. My former life was very full: I was a conscientious wife, mother, grandmother. My husband passed away, the children had already formed their own lives, for several years I was upbringing my grandchildren. The grandchildren studied so much that they did not have enough time to look at me. My 62-year-old Leningrad friend was able to find her love thanks to your online dating platform. My friend managed to persuade me and to register. I was embarrassed by this, but eventually became firmly convinced that I still had a chance to arrange my own woman's happiness, because emotions did not evaporate with age. I dared to do that and looked through couple of user profiles. I began to receive a letter by the letter, but not a single author of the letters came up to me. Most of those who wrote me wanted to take advantage of my permanent residence in Germany. But unexpectedly, with the fifth attempt, a letter came from a man who was interested in me. That man lived far enough away from me, but after two months of correspondence and calls we were able to meet. We both felt that we like each other. After a while we decided to start a family, and today we are a happy couple. I appeal to my peers: do not be afraid and do not be embarrassed. Register on dating sites forsenior people. It is real to find your love there!"

There is one great saying: "Love conquers all”. That proverb is confirmed again and again by the weddings of those who are over 40. In our culture it is not customary among the elderly to create families and live together. But over the years, traditions have changed. And today, few people are surprised that people's acquaintances happen at such a mature age. That’s why don’t be afraid to start your love and family at mature age. Just try your luck and become happy.